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Photo Doctor

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Welcome to my Website

Hello, Let me tell you what I do

Do you need a good head and shoulders picture of yourself, looking your best with a nice background for perhaps a website, a dating service or just a snapshot to give to a loved one? All you have to do is send me an email image or snapshot of yourself even it is in a group photo. The cost is $19.99 paid only when you approve of the new image.

Do you have vacation or family photos with dull skies, rain, distractions like lamp posts growing out of peoples heads? Are your eyes closed, or do you have a reflection on your glasses or perhaps someone you want removed or added to the picture? All these photos can be changed to look much better.

I can also take your old slides/negatives and photos from picture albums enlarge them and put them on a disc... one for each of your children!

Do you have old black and white photos that are torn and bits missing or faded colour photos? I can repair them all for you. Family Photos/Travel calendars are a lovely gift for those you hold dear. I can also put all your birthdays/important dates in as reminder for you! One-to-six pictures per page: $30.00.

I am not just a Photo Doctor, I am a photographer and I invite you to look at my Photo Gallery. If there is a photo that really catches your eye - yes it is for sale! Details on the Information and Pricing Page.