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  Dave Meadows


My name is Dave Meadows.

I took my first photo in November, 1946. It was a photo of the farm where I was born in North Wales taken on a LEICA camera belonging to my Dad’s friend. I still have that old Black-and-White snapshot. My lifelong love and passion for photography had begun. It was another 8 years before I had my own camera and began printing and developimg my own black-and-white photos.
In the next few years I took photos in many parts of the world and eventually started printing my own costly colour prints. During the 70’s and 80’s, I took slides only, constantly setting up the screen and projecting my images for family, friends and groups.
During the mid-90’s I finally went to digital and had to learn all over again how to make my photos look THEIR best using those early photo editing programs.

The last 15 years have been a continuous learning curve with the advent of better and better photo editing programs. I am still learning every day!

My wife Lynn and I are prolific photographers our subjects range from family, [especially our seven grandchildren], travel, landscapes, nature and macro photography. Our newest venture is panoramic photography and seamlessly stitching together numerous photos, our smallest has been three images and largest 32 images. I use very high standards in my work and I will endeavour to provide the very best results for you at all times.