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Rolling Hills
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Important Note: When sending an e-mail to me please send me the photo at the highest quality that you can. I need as many megapixels as you can send me to work with. If you need details, contact me at the email listed below.

My e-mail is: Medivad@yahoo.ca

What I offer on my homepages is all charged at $50 per hour [$12.50 per 15 min]. Before any work is done I will send you a “full quotation”. Work will only be started after I received an e-mail from you confirming the agreed upon quotation. No Hidden Surprises.

The only exceptions to this pricing is the fixed price “head and shoulders” at $19.95 and the “calendars” at $30.00.

Photos from the Gallery

All photographs are printed on Satin or Glossy archival art paper using hundred year life pigment ink.

Prices per Print

8” x 10” $50
11” x 14” $75
16” x 20” $105
20” x 30” $155
24” x 36” $205

All payments are made via PayPal. Prices do not include HST or shipping and handling.

At present I do not offer any framing however if you are interested in having your photo put on a Plack please contact me for information and pricing.

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